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Mercredi 17 Février 2016

Bitcoin: AlfaCashier Launches Merchant Feature On Its Service

AlfaCashier has recently launched a new feature for merchants, which provides a quick and easy way to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for business.

The new feature offers a fast and easy way to generate invoices and details for payment.

The service allows customer to pay for the services with cryptocurrency, and the merchant will receive the funds by the desired payment system. AlfaCashier provides protection against the fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. With this new merchant feature, it will be easier to expand merchants' customer base by offering new payment methods on their website.

How it works

The merchant chooses a payment system for the payments template and fills in the details. Then, they create an invoice and send it to their customer. After the customer pays, the merchant will get the payment in their wallet immediately.

Helena Schwartz, Head of Сustomer Service at AlfaCashier, told about advantages of company:
“Our service has advanced support, and top quality customer service is our priority.
There are no monthly fees, no commitments, and no hassles. Instant payment saves your time. The merchant gets paid immediately after the customer's payment.”

In the fall of 2015, AlfaCashier updated the service and its website.

The update brings a host of new convenient features and a number of improvements aimed at making clients' daily work with the service more efficient, intuitive, and reliable. The new ticket-based helpdesk helps you to submit questions and issue reports easier and get answers faster than ever before directly on the website.

About AlfaCashier
Founded in 2012, AlfaCashier is an easy-to-use exchange platform supporting all major electronic currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and erases the boundaries between electronic payment systems. Since 2014, AlfaCashier supports SEPA/SWIFT transfers to banks around the world, withdrawal to PayPal and secure storage of banking details and purse numbers of its members online. The service is being constantly improved to offer current and prospective users more flexibility, exchange options and functionality.

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