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Be SWIFT 2 Be Quick

by Capital Treasury Services.

Capital Treasury Services’ B2B transactional payment solutions connect clients to their most important cash harbours. Their innovative products and services help clients’ businesses grow, increase their profitability and client retention, and mitigate risk while enabling them to be more competitive and to win more business from a broader range of clients.

The introduction in July of the Capital International Group as a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, otherwise known as SWIFT, is fundamental in being able to deliver their platform to clients around the world. With this major aspiration met in the payments industry they now have access to more than 10,000 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 212 countries. All these businesses see SWIFT as a seal of approval in which they all trust; which is more than evident in the millions of financial messages that are exchanged every day.

SWIFT comes from prestigious roots, originally developed for the banking industry and therefore traditionally used exclusively to ensure secure, reliable exchange of financial messaging within like for like organisations. In addition, over the years large corporations and institutions were becoming more reliant on the need to make and receive payments electronically on a secure and efficient basis. SWIFT directly invited these businesses to join their network and begin reaping the benefits of using this system. Formerly the preserve of large multinational corporations, SWIFT connectivity has now become a viable option for corporate treasuries that are seeking to improve working capital management and reduce costs, and this is where Capital Treasury Services had the vision to adopt the SWIFT process.

Capital Treasury Services, on behalf of the Capital International Group, have teamed up with Bottomline Technologies who provide collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world. Their solutions are used to streamline, automate and manage processes involving payments, invoicing, global cash management, supply chain finance and transactional documents. Organisations trust these solutions to meet their needs for cost reduction, competitive differentiation and optimisation of working capital and so Bottomline have worked alongside the Treasury Management Team and IT Developers to integrate the valued components of SWIFT into that of Bridge, Capital Treasury’s online payment solution.

Capital International Group are honoured and excited to announce that they have met the by-law requirements for entry into the SWIFT network and are now official members and shareholders. In providing a highly secure, robust and standardised single channel into multiple organisations, such as banks and building societies, SWIFT is an ideal solution for Bridge. Becoming a member will improve Capital Treasury Services’ visibility of its funds under management and services globally. It will also eliminate clients’ needs for multiple proprietary electronic banking systems. These two areas are key as they work towards improving working capital efficiency in order to free up funds that can be deployed in a more timely manner where and when needed across clients’ business operations.

Their business case for SWIFT is clear; they can provide a wide range of financial services such as payments, treasury, securities services and reporting through a single channel. In addition, installing SWIFT connectivity speeds up transaction processing and increases security. This all amounts to an integrated online solution, accessible by everyone where ever they may be. With reduced operational costs being offered by SWIFT and the combination of rapidly expanding functionality the SWIFT business case is further enhanced.

SWIFT connectivity enables corporate treasury services to work smarter and faster, and so making use of these efficient communication methods and global technology is essential to sustaining Bridge as an efficient payment platform. Capital Treasury Services can see the obvious benefits of being connected to the SWIFT network, including lower costs for financial transactions, improved security and easy compliance with standardised formats – in turn these efficiencies and financial improvements are directly reflected in their service and payment solution.

You can rely on Capital Treasury Services’ global cash management solutions to meet the evolving payments and transaction processing and reporting needs of institutions and businesses alike. This is a great opportunity to increase their reach globally as a payment provider, and SWIFT bridges that gap…

Mardi 12 Novembre 2013