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Banking Banana Skins 2012: The system in peril

Every two years, PwC sponsors the Banking Banana Skins survey conducted by the Centre of the Study of Financial Innovation. Each survey identifies potential sources of risks to banks and then ranks them by severity. Also included are industry members' views about the risks they face, the soundness of financial markets, and other pressing issues.

Banking Banana Skins 2012: The system in peril
PwC has joined forces with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) to explore what risks bankers worldwide are facing in the current climate and how they prioritise them.

Based on over 700 responses from 58 countries, the survey, aimed at senior executives in the banking industry, identifies high level issues where the banking industry may be vulnerable.

It seems that the economic uncertainty continues to resonate most, with macro-economic risk rising to the top of the list of boardroom concerns. The fragile confidence in the sector is further underlined by presence of credit risk, liquidity and capital availability in the top four.

Top 10 risks for 2012 (2010 results):
1. Macro-economic risk (4)
2. Credit risk (2)
3. Liquidity (5)
4. Capital availability (6)
5. Political interference (1)
6. Regulation (3)
7. Profitability (-)
8. Derivatives (7)
9. Corporate governance (12)
10.Quality of risk management (8)

Download the PDF 43 pages in English:

Jeudi 20 Septembre 2012