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Vendredi 13 Septembre 2013

BancTec France Awarded Payment Contracts and Assets of Safig by the Tribunal de Commerce de Bobigny

Transaction secures all payment processing contracts, including those held with BNP Paribas and LCL (part of the Credit Agricole group), for the next three years.

The Tribunal de Bobigny has awarded BancTec, a global leader in document management solutions and outsourcing services, the payment contracts and associated assets of Safig, a leading French document processing company.

As part of this transaction, BancTec will secure payment processing contracts with a number of leading French organisations including BNP Paribas and LCL, part of the Credit Agricole group. The ongoing business is expected to generate in excess of €20m in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service revenue over the next three years. 75 employees across five processing centres will be involved as part of the transaction.

"This is a significant deal that confirms BancTec as a leading player in the payment and document services market in France," said Pascal Wirth, Senior Vice President for BancTec Western Europe. "It demonstrates our continued investment in offering our clients high quality services across a national network of BPO centres. We are now looking forward to growing this business and gaining further market share".

Mike Peplow, BancTec President of Europe, added "This transaction demonstrates our long term commitment to the payments market. It is particularly satisfying that, by agreeing this transfer, the Tribunal recognises BancTec's strength and capability in this area".

About BancTec:
BancTec is a global leader in document management solutions and outsourcing services for organisations seeking to drive efficiency in their back-office processes. With clients in 50 countries, BancTec leverages its proprietary IP and deep expertise to provide flexible, focused solutions across the financial services, healthcare, utility, transportation and government sectors. BancTec operates 25 BPO centres across Europe and worldwide, utilising a common technology platform to deliver reliability, security, and consistently high levels of performance. To learn more, visit: www.banctec.com.


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