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Jeudi 7 Janvier 2010

BOARD International announces the release of BOARD 7.1

The latest BOARD release takes a further step into the next generation of Business Intelligence and Performance Management. BOARD International, global leader in the BI & CPM Toolkit space, announces the release of BOARD 7.1, its “all-in-one” flagship product that integrates BI and CPM in a seamless self-service environment.

The latest BOARD release leverages the potential of Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation, introduced with version 7, to provide Advanced Office Integration, Enhanced Interactive Visualization and an innovative web experience through the groundbreaking SilverLight Client.

Based on a modern SOA architecture and designed to extend enterprise capabilities, BOARD 7.1 dramatically enhances platform interoperability, data handling capability and performance, thanks to the introduction of Web Services, in-RAM cubes and an innovative 128 bit “cube addressing” technology.
BOARD 7.1 also offers new advanced features that enhance its Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and data modeling capabilities.

This combination of technological and functional innovations continues to push the boundaries in providing an “all in one” platform to support Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management - allowing organizations to effectively align strategy with operations using one single product, one single technology, one single know-how.

“BOARD 7.1 is the most evident example of how groundbreaking technology can make it extremely easy for users to address complex decision-making processes. – explains Giovanni Grossi , CEO of BOARD International - With the latest version we are reaping the benefits of our ambitious investment in WPF and WCF, fully exploiting the revolutionary innovations introduced with BOARD 7.
BI and CPM Integration, self-service analysis and reporting, rapid application development, advanced office integration and outstanding visualization capabilities make BOARD the most innovative product in the market.”

“In my view BOARD 7.1 is a unique combination of a revolutionary vision, a groundbreaking technology and a continued attention to the feedback provided in 15 years by more than 2000 customers. –comments Pietro Ferrari, Head of BOARD customer support- A product different from all the competition, not just in its architecture but in its philosophy, completely oriented to give a simple answer to complex business needs Moving from words to action, we confidently challenge anyone to provide faster time to solution, better BI and CPM integration and easier usability than BOARD 7.1 and to demonstrate it with a proof of concept: we are ready.”

Key Highlights in BOARD 7.1 include

BOARD Silverlight Client
The new BOARD web client is based entirely on Microsoft Silverlight, a powerful and innovative web runtime(WRT), which overcomes the traditional limitations of web applications and brings BOARD into web 2.0
The adoption of this innovative technology makes it possible to create a BOARD application and to access it either from the Board Windows client or from a web browser, retaining the typical functions and characteristics of client solutions (Rich Internet Application).
The new BOARD Rich Internet Client can incorporate animations, three-dimensional displays, interactive objects and innovative graphical containers, thus delivering a much richer and more effective user experience than HTML or AJAX .

Advanced Office Integration
BOARD 7.1 complements the Excel 2007® add-in with a Word 2007® and a Power Point 2007® add-in making it possible to access and use BOARD from all the most popular office productivity software .
With the latest BOARD version, any user can insert, update and manage BOARD Charts, Cockpits, Bubble Charts and Data Views directly from Word documents or Power Point presentations and navigate them, performing drill-down, slice and dice and ad- hoc queries.
BOARD 7.1 also introduces the possibility to create Office Macros that directly access the BOARD environment.

Extended Enterprise Capabilities
Board 7.1 provides superior interoperability, better manageability, improved performances and data handling capabilities, thus offering ease in managing large deployments in a complex technology environment.
- Interoperability
BOARD Web Services. BOARD 7.1 is based on a modern SOA architecture: The BOARD server, conceived to be used as a Web Service, manages SOAP messages and returns XML data structures.
The services supplied by the BOARD server can be used by other Web Services; by legacy systems; by Java,.NET and web applications; by company portals and by any application in general, in a simple and standardized way (W3C Standard).
By providing these services, BOARD makes it possible to extend advanced Business Intelligence and Performance Management functions to the existing company application environment.
Mash-up. The innovative BOARD SilverLight client is natively mashable. This implies that any Board internet applications, by exposing properties and events, become a mashable component, a building block used to rapidly assemble enterprise mashups and mashup applications over the web.
- Performance and enterprise scalability
128 bit cubes addressing: Where extraordinary data handling capability is required BOARD 7.1 can create and manage 128 bit cubes. This extends its potential from 1015 to an extraordinary 1027 cells per cube.
In-Memory Cubes: where extreme performance is needed, the system administrator can choose to configure selected cubes directly in RAM instead of making them accessible via disk.
- Manageability
Auto updating clients mode: Board 7.1 automatically detects when the client version is older than the server one and consequently updates the clients at connection, making BOARD network management easy and inexpensive.
Full-LDAP support Board 7.1 allows users authentication both from Microsoft Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The most popular authentication servers such as Lotus Domino, Open LDAP Server, Apache Director Server are now fully accessible by BOARD .

Enhanced Interactive visualization
The word-class capabilities in interactive visualization provided with BOARD 7, have been further enhanced by the introduction of data brushing, new animations and a new collection of configurable trellis gauges. The release of an innovative object named the Selector, provide users with a point and click interactive filtering, that makes ad hoc querying a simple task.

Sophisticated CPM functionalities
BOARD 7.1 offers a series of advanced functionalities to further improve the support of CPM processes
Advanced Data Entry. In BOARD 7.1 data entry validation rules can be easily configured down to the cell level. Thanks to a new functionality named ATO, authorized users can manage and change the relationship between items directly during the data entry process. (i.e. Users can quickly reclassify customers relation with sale representatives in order to redefine a sales area)

Interactive Broadcasting : BOARD 7.1 ensures the delivery of the right information to the right users at the right time. An advanced broadcasting functionality makes it possible to send personalized Excel® and Word® based reports at scheduled times or when a specific event occurs.
Unlike the reports from typical BI and CPM systems, BOARD analyses are completely interactive and once received allow users to interact on-the-fly, according to their security profiles.

Data Aware Processes : BOARD 7.1 allows users to create Dynamic Reports that combine data awareness with workflow capabilities. Thanks to the ability to interactively drive processes anddata flow directly from activation areas inside the reports, users can easily limit the workflow execution and the related changes to specific data subset, drastically improving the flexibility and manageability of complex data models.

About BOARD International
BOARD International is the global leader in the Business Intelligence and Performance Management Toolkit space.
Founded in 1995, BOARD has enabled over 2000 company worldwide to improve the effectiveness of their management decision making processes, unifying BI and CPM in a single integrated environment.
BOARD provides a seamless solution for the support, control and management of core processes such as :
- Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
- Profitability Modelling and Optimization
- Simulation and what-if analysis
- Scorecarding and Strategy Management
- Financial Consolidation
- Statutory and Financial Reporting
Thanks to its programming-free toolkit approach global enterprises like Bata, DHL, Johnson & Johnson, Kiln, Kraft, Puma, Sixty rapidly deployed BI and CPM applications in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions.
Headquartered in Lugano, BOARD International has branches in US, UK, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Australia, India and a worldwide network of distributors and certified partners.


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