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Jeudi 9 Décembre 2021

Aventus Token Live on Bittrex Global

Aventus Network, a layer-2 blockchain protocol that brings scalability, lower costs, and speed to Ethereum transactions, today has launched its native utility token AVT on Bittrex Global.

The AVT token fuels the Aventus Network through powering transactions, supporting validator activity and by proofing governance. Since the launch of the mainnet, there have been over 9 million transactions processed on the network, with each transaction yielding rewards in AVT for all stakers.

Alan Vey, CEO of Aventus Network, said: “Listing on Bittrex Global is a pivotal moment for the Aventus Network. Equipped with Bittrex Global’s unparalleled global reach, AVT tokens, with the numerous utilities they bring to holders and businesses, will now be available to a wider pool of people than ever before.

”While the blockchain industry continues to expand, enjoying evermore widespread adoption, Aventus continues to stay ahead of the curve, with regular new features and functionalities for businesses and token holders. We are now on the verge of entering the next phase of Aventus’ journey, expanding the scope of our blockchain exponentially in the coming months. Our listing with Bittrex Global signals the end of a successful year for Aventus and its token holders, representing a vote of confidence in the Network and its ambitions while laying the foundations for the next period of rapid growth and development.”

AVT holders enjoy low and predictable transaction fees of approximately $0.01 and can stake their AVT to earn rewards. Upon the rollout of phase 3, AVT holders' votes will carry weight equivalent to the amount of AVT they hold - a method being implemented to empower community decision-making for the betterment of the ecosystem. Furthermore, AVT has a total fixed, circulating supply of 10,000,000 AVT.​

“We are pleased to welcome the Aventus Network onto the Bittrex Global Exchange. The network’s rapid growth is a clear sign of its demand and we are happy to provide crypto enthusiasts with the ability to purchase AVT in a fast, secure and simple way,” said Stephen Stonberg, CEO at Bittrex Global.

The Aventus Network is a 2nd-layer blockchain protocol that lets any organization build on the Ethereum network without the typical limitations of speed, scalability, and price. Founded in 2017, Aventus makes building on Ethereum accessible for businesses and decentralized platforms through fairer transactions for all — enabling the broadscale adoption of public decentralized blockchain through blockchain interoperability.

Bittrex Global, the most secure digital asset exchange in the world, serves both retail and institutional clients, globally. Committed to helping users build wealth, Bittrex Global facilitates the purchase and trade of over 250 tokens. Through its use of cutting-edge technology, advanced security protocols, and a sophisticated elastic multi-stage wallet strategy the company provides a high-level experience for professional and novice customers alike. Bittrex Global is a key player in driving widespread adoption of secure and decentralized methods to building wealth while remaining compliant and adhering to the wide array of regulatory measures across the globe.


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