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Atradius Publishes 10 Tips for Business Success in Poland

Poland's growing prosperity is creating many opportunities for businesses that take the time to understand the market and work within the accepted business and cultural norms of the country. Atradius Credit Insurance has compiled 10 tips for maximising your chances of business success in Poland for companies interested in growing sales in the country. Atradius will also be hosting a webinar 'The key to business success in Poland' on 24 October.

The 'Trade successfully with Poland' report highlights the importance of:
- appointing a local representative to help navigate Poland's legal system - and often to act as an interpreter
- understanding the Polish business culture
- choosing terms of payment that balance security with competitiveness and
- factoring in the average disposable income of Polish households, which is lower than that of Western Europe and the USA.

Businesses should also keep in mind that online shopping is developing rapidly in Poland and, with its population of 38 million, this creates yet more sales channels for foreign suppliers.

Poland, one of Europe's fastest growing economies, holds many opportunities for foreign companies - provided that they 'do their homework' first. As the report points out, its strategic location at the heart of Europe, political stability and economic prosperity make it an attractive destination for foreign trading partners. As a major beneficiary of EU funding, Poland's investment in infrastructure, environmental and technology projects provides real openings for foreign suppliers, as does the demand for foreign goods from Poland's increasingly affluent consumers.

Foreign exporters can also build profitable relationships with companies based in Poland's many Special Economic Zones, which now challenge China and India as a leading outsourcing hub.

The report also emphasizes the importance of secured trade for foreign exporters to Poland. Pawel Szczepankowski, the Country Manager of Atradius Poland, explains: "The Polish market is dominated by small and medium sized enterprises, many of which do not publish their results. Atradius can access financial information that may not be available to vendors. This means we can give our clients a more accurate assessment of their Polish customers' creditworthiness as well as safeguard their credit sales."

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Vendredi 25 Octobre 2013