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Atradius Collections Releases 7th Edition of its International Debt Collections Handbook

Atradius Collections, the global expert in domestic and international debt collections, releases the 7th edition of the International Debt Collections Handbook. Two additional countries have been included, Bulgaria and Finland, increasing the number of countries covered to 35.

The new 2013 version is the latest update of the handbook, providing export-orientated businesses with systematic and detailed information on foreign debt collections. Financial regulations are easily explained, giving readers a compact overview of critical facts for each country. It includes all facets of the collections process, including amicable settlements, legal proceedings and insolvency procedures.

"There are numerous variations between countries in payment practices and legislation relating to data protection, debtor protection and collection procedures," Rudi de Greve, Global Operations Director at Atradius Collections, explains. "In some countries, for example, it is possible to claim interest on late payments, whilst in others, it is prohibited by law. A personal visit to the debtor is a common practice in some areas, whilst it is seen as offensive in others. In some regions, the collections focus is on negotiation out of court due to the complexity of the legal system, whilst elsewhere, legal action is commonplace."

The International Debt Collections Handbook was created to support organisations without in-house resources and knowledge of international collections or credit management. "Decision-makers, often within small and medium sized businesses throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia rely on this information. It supports them in selecting the right approach to debt collections in the countries of their operation and improves their cash flow," says Rudi de Greve.

Since its launch in 2008, the International Debt Collections Handbook has undergone constant update and expansion, reflecting market changes and needs. The authors are experts in country-specific debt collection procedures and legislation. Their expertise is based on years of experience in collecting internationally at Atradius Collections.

The information around the International Debt Collections Handbook can be viewed and downloaded at http://www.atradiuscollections.com.

About Atradius Collections:
Atradius Collections, a business unit of Atradius Group, provides efficient, quick and flexible solutions to collect domestic and international trade debts. With a global network of collections specialists, lawyers and insolvency practitioners worldwide, Atradius Collections serves over 15,000 customers handling on average 120,000 cases a year. Over 85 years of worldwide credit management industry experience uniquely position Atradius Collections as a global leader in business-to-business debt collections.

Mardi 28 Mai 2013

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