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Atradius Collections Growing Rapidly

Atradius Collections, part of the Atradius Group, continues its rapid expansion with investments in its international presence. Over the last seven months, the dedicated business-to-business collections company has opened new offices in Canada, Ireland, Hungary, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2007 Atradius Collections, which now has offices in 16 countries, increased revenues 18.1% and the number of collections professionals it employs across the globe by 25%.

Raymond van der Loos, Director Atradius Collections, commented: "The new offices will further drive the strategy of offering on-the-ground service with extensive local knowledge in any global location." Atradius Collections also works with hundreds of local agents in numerous other markets to collect outstanding debts.

Atradius Collections' growth strategy is being supported by investments both in personnel and in technology. Its on-line collections monitoring system enables Atradius Collections to manage collections status worldwide and keep all team members as well as customers informed with real time
account information. This technology will be extended to Mexico and the Czech Republic later this year when Atradius Collections adds these markets to its list of local operations.

Raymond van der Loos, explains further: "Our customers across the globe can be at a real disadvantage when trying to collect debts in foreign countries. They are dealing with unfamiliar cultures, languages and business practices. Atradius Collections is making collecting debts easier for them. With offices and staff on-the-ground both in the countries where the debt is outstanding and where customers are based, our customers are able to operate through one central contact, in a familiar language, get real time on-line progress reports on their collections cases and have experienced local teams pursuing their outstanding debts."

About Atradius Group
The Atradius Group provides trade credit insurance, surety and collections services worldwide, and has a presence in 40 countries. Its products and services aim to reduce its customers' exposure to buyers who fail to pay for the products and services customers purchase. With total revenues of approximately EUR 1.8 billion and a 31% share of the global trade credit insurance market, its products contribute to the growth of companies throughout the world by protecting them from payment risks associated with
selling products and services on credit. With 160 offices, it has access to credit information on 52 million companies worldwide and makes more than 22,000 trade credit limit decisions daily.

About Atradius Collections
Atradius Collections has over 400 staff and 16 offices worldwide, serving 12,000 clients and handling 27 million transactions per year. With revenues of EUR 48.2 million in 2007, Atradius Collections' 300
collections specialists worldwide provide customers with local expertise through one global process and IT platform.

Mardi 29 Avril 2008

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