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Jeudi 19 Novembre 2009

Atradius Collection Signs a Partnership Agreement With China's FinancePro

Atradius Collections, a worldwide leader in business-to-business debt collection services, has entered into a partnership agreement with FinancePro. The pioneer and market leader in commercial receivable management services in China, FinancePro selected Atradius Collections to provide international debt collections services to its entire customer base.

According to the partnership agreement, FinancePro will use Atradius Collections international service to pursue the collection of unpaid invoices of Chinese exporters to their foreign customers. This development builds on Atradius' position as the expert in international debt collections. More than 75 percent of Chinese exporters write off unpaid international invoices due to language barriers and widely varying collection procedures worldwide. Atradius Collections through its sophisticated worldwide network and strong local presence is uniquely positioned to help Chinese exporters reduce bad debts.

Raymond van der Loos, Atradius Collections Managing Director said: << FinancePro and Atradius are an excellent strategic fit. Our partner's intimate knowledge, coverage and experience of the local business and collections landscape in China coupled with Atradius Collections' strong international expertise, provide an unparalleled offering to the Chinese business community. >>

<< With China being the second largest exporting nation in the world, collecting international trade debt in diverse business cultural setting poses a substantial challenge - commented Brook Zhang, founder of FinancePro. - The partnership with Atradius Collections will enhance our product portfolio and value proposition to our customer base. >>

According to different online sources, overseas debts to Chinese companies have long exceeded $100 billion, and the amount is increasing by about $15 billion per year. Atradius Collections, capitalising on its vast international network and expertise, is uniquely positioned to help Chinese companies improve their cash flow.

About Atradius Collections
Atradius Collections, a business unit of Atradius Group, provides efficient, quick and flexible solution to recover domestic and international trade debts. With over 400 staff in 18 offices and an extensive network of collections specialists, lawyers and insolvency practitioners worldwide, Atradius Collections serve over 12,000 customers handling on average 100,000 cases a year. Over 80 years of global credit management industry experience uniquely position Atradius Collections as a worldwide leader in business-to-business debt collections.

About FinancePro
FinancePro is a leading supplier of receivable solutions in China, established in 1998 as a division of SINOTRUST. (SINOTRUST is a pioneer and market leader of credit solutions in China since 1992.) FinancePro, with over 160 staff and a Nationwide network of over 200 collection lawyers in China, provides Commercial Debt Solutions, Consumer Debt Solutions, and Non-Performing Debt Solutions and helps companies in banking, insurance, telecom, trading, manufacturing and service sectors to better manage their receivables, reduce bad debt losses and promote cash flow.


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