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Jeudi 14 Février 2013

Atos Worldline in starting blocks for 1 year SEPA countdown

Atos Worldline, Atos core expertise in Hi Tech Transactional Services, is ready at the 1-year SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countdown of migration of direct debits and credit transfers to SEPA before 1 February 2014 in all countries of the SEPA area. Thanks to Atos Worldline expertise and anticipated investments, the Group is well positioned to accompany its customers in the banking and retail sector to migrate to SEPA and be ready in time.

The 1 year countdown means that both creditors and debtors will have to migrate their domestic systems to the new SEPA standards and be operational by 1 February 2014. The SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT), provides a pan-European transfer infrastructure and reduces costs associated with cross-border transactions. The SEPA Direct Debit (SDD), provides a pan-European collection infrastructure that supports cross-border direct debits for both B2C (for consumers) and B2B (for businesses) collections. Those new instruments imply new business rules and file formats in corporate-to-bank communications. Credit transfers processed in SEPA format have doubled over the last months (actually over 30% of total transactions are in SEPA format). The Single European Payments Area (SEPA) encompasses more than 4500 banks, in 32 countries, 490 million citizens, representing more than 95% of Euro payments in Europe.

Atos Worldline expertise goes further than card based payments
SEPA Corporate Suite is easily interfaced with the customer’s existing information systems (ERP, treasury management, electronic document management system, multi -channel notifications solution, bank communication platform, etc.) based on open files formats. The solution comes with a user friendly web-based interface, but is also fully accessible through file transfers and web services for large volumes of transactions or improved integration. It thus enables managing a customer’s full SEPA activity from a single, centralized platform.

This solution offers:
- Access to SEPA instruments using existing domestic workflows and formats.
- Avoids implementing a new payment scheme in the customer’s existing workflows and tools.
- Minimizes your up-front investment and reduces operational risks.

Atos Worldline facilitates a smooth and progressive migration towards XML payments. Online signature and e-SEPA features will facilitate online contracting and the development of new payment usages. Thanks to this, the customer can focus on streamlining your collection systems, grow its international business and reap SEPA benefits more quickly.

Arnaud Deudon, Director SEPA program at Atos Worldline explains: “ The SEPA Corporate Suite is one of the key assets being rolled out with major banks and we continue to enrich the platform and extend our services to stay ahead of market developments. It lessens the burden of adapting your current IT and workflows to the new SEPA payment instruments, imports your current payment files and translates them into SEPA payment files that your banks will accept. Our current and potential customers can seize this one year countdown as an opportunity to not only be ready in time for the future of SEPA, but also invest in other innovative payments methods”.

Various contracts have been signed by Atos Worldline including big corporations and major European Banks.



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