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Atlendis Labs Announces the Opening of a Borrower Pool for Parallel Capital

Atlendis welcomes AA institutional borrower Parallel Capital, a delta neutral high frequency market maker.

Atlendis, a decentralized credit protocol that enables transparent lending, announced today the opening of a new borrower pool for Parallel Capital, a delta neutral high frequency market maker.

Established in 2018 by a team of trading experts from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Parallel Capital is connected to every major exchange and provides consistently deep liquidity throughout the cryptocurrency ecosystem 24/7/365, using the most accurate and low latency pricing models via its proprietary trading algorithms.

Following the launch of Atlendis, Parallel Capital will be able to benefit from the protocol as an institutional borrower with a credit scoring of AA. Parallel Capital has opened its first revolving line of credit on Atlendis with an initial credit limit of 5 million dollars and denominated in USDT.

“We are excited to work with recognized institutional actors with high standards and an AA track record such as Parallel Capital,” said Alexis Masseron, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlendis Labs.

“Atlendis has been designed to bring the benefits of DeFi to users by providing full transparency and access to more sustainable sources of yield.”

“Parallel Capital is pleased to support the transparency, fairness, and intuitiveness of the Atlendis platform as a high quality borrower so we can all contribute to improving DeFi as an industry, and it's been an absolute pleasure working with the talented and professional Atlendis Labs team. We look forward to continuing our track record of providing steady and sustainable yields to lenders on Atlendis,” said Han Chang, Co-CEO at Parallel Capital.

Benefits for Parallel Capital on Atlendis
On Atlendis, Parallel Capital will have access to efficient capital and a recurring line of credit. Atlendis’ features allow for a fair interest rate discovery that reflects the market assessment of Parallel Capital’s creditworthiness. A viable funding solution for organizations that need flexible financing, Atlendis is a powerful tool that allows borrowers to receive instant liquidity as needed to meet their recurring needs.

Benefits for Lenders on Atlendis
The Atlendis protocol enables lenders to experience transparent lending: by choosing their borrowers, rates, and taking control of their yields, Atlendis lenders can diversify their risk exposure and build an investment portfolio that corresponds to their risk profile.

Atlendis aims to continue to onboard AA actors onto the Atlendis protocol and to address new use cases for transparent DeFi lending. Capital-efficient credit protocols are essential to the overall DeFi ecosystem and there is a growing pipeline of borrowers including leading crypto-native and TradFi institutions that should be opening pools on Atlendis soon.

Interested borrower candidates can fill out this form to apply for access to revolving lines of credit on the Atlendis protocol and open their own ERC-20 borrowing pool.

About Atlendis
Atlendis is a decentralized credit protocol that enables transparent lending. There is no idle capital on Atlendis. Lenders can earn high interests on actively loaned out capital and unused capital is placed on a trusted third-party liquidity protocol. Atlendis enables higher returns for liquidity providers and more granular control over their risk profile. Institutional borrowers can obtain flexible and competitive loan terms. Liquidity pools on the Atlendis protocol are similar to revolving lines of credit, giving borrowers flexibility for recurrent and short term liquidity needs.
Atlendis enables trusted borrowing and lending, opening a wide range of use cases for borrowers.

*Entering into a loan agreement may come with associated risks. For more information, please
refer to the Atlendis Terms of Use.


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Jeudi 29 Septembre 2022