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Mercredi 11 Mars 2015

Assets in ETFs/ETPs globally reached a new record high of 2.919 trillion US dollars at the end of February 2015 according to ETFGI

Assets invested in ETFs/ETPs globally reached a new record high of US$2.919 trillion at the end of February 2015, according to ETFGI’s preliminary monthly ETF and ETP global insight report for February.

March 9th marked the 25th anniversary of the listing of the first ETF in Canada.

ETFs/ETPs listed globally:
The global ETF/ETP industry had 5,632 ETFs/ETPs, with 10,902 listings, from 245 providers listed on 63 exchanges in 51 countries. We expect the assets to break through the US$3 trillion milestone in the first half of 2015. There were US$50.7 billion in net new asset (NNA) inflows in February – the second largest NNA month on record.

“Investors allocated the majority of net new assets to equities as the US market rebounded from a difficult January to end February with both the S&P 500 and the Dow up 6% for the month. Volatility declined during the month. Developed markets were up 6% for the month, while emerging and frontier markets were up 3%” according to Deborah Fuhr, managing partner of ETFGI.

In February 2015, ETFs/ETPs saw net inflows of US$50.7 Bn. Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with US$30.4 Bn, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$15.6 Bn, and commodity ETFs/ETPs with US$2.9 Bn in net inflows. On a YTD basis the net new asset flows into fixed income, commodities, active ETFs and globally are at record levels at US$28.8 Bn, US$8.0 Bn, US$2.7 Bn and US$62.0 Bn respectively.

iShares gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows in February with US$19.9 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$5.9 Bn and SPDR ETFs with US$4.3 Bn net inflows. On a YTD basis, iShares gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows with US$26.9 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$15.7 Bn and WisdomTree with US$6.8 Bn net inflows.

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