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Mercredi 18 Juin 2014

An equilibrium in change

I’ve consistently found, amongst the most successful business owners, CEO’s, and Vice Presidents, a strong tendency towards taking action. A logical discourse when you consider that actions precede results. This tendency however can lead to frustration when it becomes necessary to engage employees, suppliers, or customers in achieving a similar mindset.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
Helping others to recognize the purpose and sense of urgency behind necessary changes can be tenuous, but is absolutely crucial if you are ever to achieve successful and sustained change.

In fact I’ll admit that it may seem counter intuitive, but in order to engage others in change, you need to slow down in order to speed up.

Fortunately I’ve found that you can bring an equilibrium to create a more successful approach to change by considering and addressing the following questions:

  • Why is a change necessary right now?

  • What options have you identified that need to be considered?

  • What options does the employee have that you might not have considered?

  • How will this change support the individual? The organization?

  • What might the implications be to the individual if this change is not addressed?

What organizational changes have you been considering that are a priority for moving the business forward? Consider applying the questions above to broaden your perspective and to create strong levels of engagement and I think you’ll find more rapid adoption of change along with improved employee morale.

Do you have situations in which you need to engage your leadership team or employees in adopting? Send me an email or give me a call and let me help you quickly formulate your approach.

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