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American Express adds nine cards to Freedom Finance’s growing credit card marketplace

American Express joins existing brands, including Santander, already offering credit cards on the marketplace with further providers set to join before the end of the year

Freedom Finance, one of the UK’s leading digital lending marketplaces and embedded finance providers, is adding nine credit cards offered by American Express to its panel.

American Express is one of the leading providers of credit cards in the UK and its inclusion in Freedom Finance’s marketplace further strengthens the platform’s growing card offering.

It joins lenders like Santander, Zopa, and many more, who already offer credit cards on Freedom Finance’s digital matching platform, built on Freedom’s proprietary technology that helps consumers find the best deal they are eligible for.

As well as providing a direct-to-consumer platform that searches for credit cards, loans and other lending products, Freedom Finance’s technology powers embedded lending for some of the UK’s best-loved brands like ASDA, Very and Creation.

American Express will be offering the following credit cards on Freedom Finance’s marketplace:
• British Airways American Express Credit Card
• British Airways American Express Premium Plus
• American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card
• American Express Nectar Rewards Card
• American Express: The Platinum Card
• Marriot Bonvoy American Express Reward Card
• Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card
• Platinum Cashback Credit Card
• American Express Rewards Credit Card

David Hendry, Chief Marketing Officer at Freedom Finance, commented: “We are delighted to continue the expansion of our growing credit card panel with the addition of American Express – a global brand with a huge and loyal customer base in the UK.

“It further improves the range of credit cards we offer consumers both directly and with partner brands via our embedded finance offering. This variety combines with our innovative use of soft-search technology and open banking to offer borrowers more deals they are sure to be eligible for and makes sure they are getting the most appropriate financial products for their circumstances.”

About Freedom Finance
Freedom Finance is a leading UK digital lending marketplace providing unsecured personal loans, credit cards, mortgages and other financial products. The company partners with over 100 of the UK’s leading lenders and leading service providers, helping consumers navigate borrowing with its proprietary matching platform.
Proprietary technology enables Freedom Finance to tailor products specifically for customers to give them clarity, not just choice, and provide them only with the products they qualify for. The Group also delivers embedded finance services for high street brands like Argos, Asda, The Co-Op Bank, RAC, Creation, Very Group and many more.


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Mardi 8 Novembre 2022