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Amber Group Launches Amber Labs and Amber Eco Fund; Leads Next Generation of Crypto & Web3 Innovation

The two programs aim to provide emerging ventures and projects with capital funding as well as the platform, network and tools for sustainable growth and success.

Amber Group, a leading global digital asset company, today announced the launch of Amber Labs and Amber Eco Fund – two key programs designed to support next generation Web3 ventures for long-term growth. As part of the company’s commitment to promote Web3 ecosystem development and catalyze crypto innovation, the two programs facilitate Amber Group’s investments in early-stage companies and help incubate new technologies that are being explored or developed.

Amber Eco Fund is the first actively managed equity investment product offered by Amber Labs to investors, anchored by a sovereign wealth fund and notable family offices in APAC. The program focuses primarily on providing seed investments in early-stage companies, spanning key industry verticals that include Web3 infrastructure, and applications such as DeFi, blockchain games and decentralized social networks, among others. Start-ups and emerging Web3 ventures will not only receive capital through the Amber Eco Fund but they will also be given a platform to build the fundamentals of their businesses, supported by Amber Group’s leadership as a global digital asset company as well as the company’s extensive network of partners across industries and markets.

Adopting a thesis-driven approach in the assessment process, Amber Eco Fund selects projects that correspond with Amber Group’s infrastructure-building expertise and the company’s innovation ethos and values. These include deliberate considerations around the project’s value proposition, team’s backgrounds, its addressable market size and overall infrastructure resilience. Associated investment risks and mitigation measures are also evaluated comprehensively prior to selection.

Amber Eco Fund runs in tandem with Amber Labs, Amber Group’s incubation and research arm aimed at accelerating crypto adoption and innovation. Amber Labs will leverage the company’s knowledge network and research capabilities to deepen the impact of investments made in connection with Amber Eco Fund. This will simultaneously strengthen Amber Labs’ existing research offering, having produced research reports focused on the latest blockchain and crypto developments as well as related industry security concerns. Amber Labs most recently published research pieces on the Merge and zero knowledge hardware to lead industry conversations on the latest industry trends and developments.

Supported by a thesis-driven approach, Amber Group can better capitalize on actionable insights and effectively expand its market share via the Amber Eco Fund to locate leading projects in a highly competitive industry. Together, Amber Eco Fund and Amber Labs will utilize Amber Group’s existing suite of products and services, expertise and capabilities as well as its global talent pool and partners to provide emerging ventures with tools for success in an increasingly-saturated and ever-evolving market landscape.

Jian Wang, Head of Principal Investment at Amber Group said: “Our team at Amber Group is energized by the launch of Amber Labs and Amber Eco Fund. We hope that with these initiatives, we can provide value that goes beyond the capital needs of early-stage companies and support in areas that are often fundamental to long-term success. The market now presents a prime opportunity for us to anticipate new opportunities and innovate in response to changes and challenges. We are already seeing some exciting innovations in the space, and we look forward to supporting some of the brightest ideas and talents as they work towards delivering market impact.”

Michael Wu, Chief Executive Officer at Amber Group said: “Amber Group has built a strong track record as a global leading digital asset services platform and infrastructure provider, and we remain committed to pioneering the next frontier for the digital assets and Web3 industry. Innovation begets innovation after all, and a vibrant Web3 ecosystem will go a long way to drive and scale crypto adoption globally. It is second nature to Amber Group, as an industry leader, to level the playing field for budding technologists and entrepreneurs who represent the future of Web3. Amber Labs and Amber Eco Fund make for the first few steps in a journey towards realizing this future together, and we cannot be more excited to be a key enabler of innovation for the industry.”

About Amber Group
Amber Group is a leading full stack digital asset firm, engaged in trading, products and infrastructure. Amber Group works with companies ranging from token issuers, banks and fintech firms, to sports teams, game developers, brands and creators. Operating at the center of markets, Amber provides a full range of digital asset services spanning liquidity provisioning, trading, financing, and investing. Across all products and categories, Amber Group has turned over $1T in volumes since inception.
Amber Group is backed by prominent venture, industry, and sovereign investors including Sequoia Capital, Temasek, Paradigm, Tiger Global, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and


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Mercredi 12 Octobre 2022