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Lundi 25 Juin 2018

AlphaPoint Technology Announces Formation and First Advisory Board Appointment, Jeff Ramson

AlphaPoint Technology, (OTCQB:APPO) a technology holding and enterprise blockchain software application development company, announced today that it had formed an Advisory Board and appointed its first member, Jeff Ramson, the Founder and CEO of PCG Advisory Group.

The Advisory Board has been formed to assist in implementing the Company’s strategic plans and identifying means to capitalize on future growth opportunities. Among other matters, the Advisory Board will provide counsel concerning the Company’s Blockchain development initiatives. In addition, the Advisory Board will be tasked with helping develop a comprehensive partnership program with innovative enterprise application blockchain focused companies that are interested in partnering with a public company.

Mr. Ramson is the Chief Executive Officer of PCG Advisory Group which he founded in 2008. He is well regarded as a business entrepreneur and innovator, with a proven track-record of more than 25 years’ experience on Wall Street, raising capital and providing strategic guidance for emerging public and private companies in various stages of development. Jeff’s passion and understanding of transformative technologies and how they affect current and future business trends has informed his whole career. He is known as an innovator in the intelligent use of social media to raise awareness in the investment community and represented the first Reg A+ offering listed on the NYSE. He has been a student of, and an early participant in, the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for several years. Most recently, he established Proactive Capital Partners, LLC., a private investment firm focused on capital appreciation through investment in next-generation technology opportunities. Jeff is a director of EV Blockchain Corp. and an advisor to CG Blockchain.

“We are delighted to welcome Jeff with his industry-leading technology and business expertise to AlphaPoint at a time when industry trends such as enterprise blockchain development, as well as the convergence of enterprise applications and the blockchain, are driving tremendous growth opportunities," said Gary Macleod, AlphaPoint’s President and CEO.

“I am excited to join Alphapoint Technology as an advisor. Based on my experience in the emerging Blockchain space, I think that AlphaPoint is squarely focused on the important areas where Blockchain can be most beneficial. Combined with their strong management team, AlphaPoint can be a leader in the sector, and I look forward to contributing to their growth,” commented Jeff Ramson.

AlphaPoint is developing an audit and compliance blockchain Software Asset Management (SAM) solution, which connects software and hardware entitlements to their license and components with the software decision-makers. The blockchain solution collects software license and device information via a non-evasive collection utility that deploys via enterprises login or maintenance procedures.

About AlphaPoint Technology
AlphaPoint Technology (OTC: APPO) is a publicly-traded enterprise software company. We are committed to Blockchain deployments for enterprise markets and serving the enterprise market to produce value by helping to make effective software products to solve business problems. AlphaPoint is developing a blockchain Software Asset Management (SAM) solution which connects software and hardware entitlements to their license and components with the software decision-makers, to drive automation with transparency in order to reduce Software Asset Management content, effort, and cost. The SAM blockchain solution collects software license and device information via a non-evasive collection utility that deploys via an enterprises’ login or maintenance procedures.

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