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Vendredi 8 Novembre 2013

Advanced 365 awarded place on G-Cloud 4 framework

Latest government framework to accelerate cloud adoption in the public sector

London-based IT managed services and cloud provider, Advanced 365 (Advanced), has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 4, the Government’s latest cloud procurement framework. Advanced’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and range of specialist cloud services are now available on the online CloudStore.

G-Cloud 4 is the fourth version of the UK Government framework, and is designed to promote the adoption of cloud computing in the public sector. The framework includes CloudStore, an online catalogue which displays cloud services and gives public sector organisations the option to shop for services which best fit their needs. This makes the procurement process faster, more cost-effective and more transparent.

The latest G-Cloud framework follows the Government’s launch of Cloud First, a mandate which makes it compulsory for all central government ICT procurement departments to consider and fully evaluate cloud solutions before looking at ‘on-premise’ options.

Neil Cross, Managing Director of Advanced 365 says: “Advanced is proud to once again have been selected to be able to offer its services via the G-Cloud framework. Previous versions have proved to be highly valuable by enabling us to make our cloud solutions available to large numbers of government and public sectors buyers without a lengthy tendering process.

“The demand for cloud based alternative to on-premise technology deployments is growing exponentially as the operational and cost benefits become more widely known. We anticipate that G Cloud 4 will facilitate this growth and that it will be widely used to reduce costs and streamline efficiencies.”

G-Cloud 4 has been designed to be more accessible and open that its predecessors, enabling more government and public buyers to find suppliers who can fulfil their needs.

G-Cloud’s director, Tony Singleton, comments: “We are constantly working to improve G-Cloud and the CloudStore, making it more straightforward and less expensive for suppliers wanting to join the marketplace and for public sector customers to purchase the technology they need. For G-Cloud 4, we have fed in valuable intelligence and opinions from buyers and suppliers.”

The G-Cloud 4 services can be found by searching for ‘Advanced 365’ on the Government CloudStore. (gcloud.civilservice.gov.uk/cloudstore/)

About Advanced 365 www.advancedcomputersoftware.com/365
Advanced 365 is a leading provider of IT managed services and business innovation solutions. Working with organisations within the private, public and charity sectors, Advanced 365 aligns technology to its clients’ business needs in order to improve their operational efficiencies, help control costs, enhance productivity and enable growth.
Core offerings include:
• Managed services focusing on the delivery of IT services including: outsourcing, cloud computing, application development and support, and unified communications.
• Business innovation applications to make legacy systems relevant to today’s business environment. Technologies include modernisation and integration software alongside migration managed services.
Advanced 365 is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and works closely with other industry leading vendors and developers including Redhat, Gamma Telecom, IBM and Oracle.
Advanced 365 is a division of Advanced Computer Software Group plc, a leading supplier of software and IT services to the health, care and business services sectors.


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