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AccessPay Announces a New First; Payments & Cash Management Applications with Fully Integrated SWIFT Connection in the Cloud

AccessPay is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement with SWIFT which will enable it to seamlessly incorporate SWIFT connectivity into its cloud-based Corporate Payments Hub (CPH) Payments and Cash Management platform; adding value to its SEPA, Bacs and Direct Debit Management solutions.

This agreement positions AccessPay as the first in the market to offer corporates and financial institutions alike a cloud-based payments and cash management application with SWIFT messaging connectivity fully integrated - all without the end-user having to run any software on their own premises.

In addition AccessPay is building support for 3SKey into its application. 3SKey is SWIFT's multi-bank, multi-network and multi-application identity assurance and signing solution, utilising a universal token. Customers accessing the AccessPay Cloud solution over the web will therefore be able to benefit from strong user access management, two-factor authentication at login and extended operational traceability. This will deliver the highest levels of security for users accessing the cloud-based solution.

AccessPay CEO Ali Moiyed says, "This latest initiative builds on the work we have already been doing with SWIFT over the last 18 months. In addition to producing timely and accurate views of cash positions, our solution will now also enable customers to communicate securely with banks all over the world with SWIFT financial messaging integrated seamlessly into our cloud-based platform."

Robert Schneider, head of SWIFT's Corporates Business in EMEA, adds, "Combining a modern and feature-rich cloud-based payments and cash management application seamlessly with SWIFT's new cloud-based interface - Alliance Lite2 - can deliver real benefits to the end customer. And by adding 3SKey on top, the customer can reap the full benefits of cloud-computing without compromising on security."

About AccessPay
AccessPay is at the forefront of innovation in payments. AccessPay uses cloud-based technology to provide efficient, affordable and fully compliant solutions for Bacs, Direct Debit Management, Faster Payments, SEPA, HMRC RTI and Multi-Bank Cash Management.

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Mardi 22 Octobre 2013

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