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ACL to Unveil ACL Analytics 11 and ACL Analytics Exchange 5 at Annual Customer Conference

Mobile Capabilities Also Expanded with Launch of New Android App for ACL GRC.

ACL, the company that is transforming audit and risk, today announced that a preview of ACL™ Analytics 11 and ACL™ Analytics Exchange 5 will be presented to all attendees of the 2014 ACL Connections Customer Conference, which will take place June 1-4 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas. The updated versions include many valuable new features, to be revealed through the launch of the Analytics Revolution Club, a beta program exclusive to those at the conference. ACL’s cloud-based audit and compliance management system, ACL™ GRC, will also be updated with new features, including a native Android mobile app and the ability to synchronize offline work.

The event will feature keynote speaker Frank Abagnale, the acclaimed subject of the blockbuster movie Catch Me If You Can. As a notorious fraudster of the 1960s who later became a valuable security consultant and respected authority on fraudulent activity, Mr. Abagnale will impart wisdom gleaned from his past and in-depth expertise. The second day of the conference will feature a keynote address by Carolyn Saint, VP Internal Audit, 7–Eleven, and Chair of the North American Board of The IIA. She will provide insights on what keeps Chief Audit Executives up at night as their role transforms into increased partnership with senior management and focus on influencing operational performance.

ACL’s Dan Zitting, VP of Product Management & Design, and Keith Cerny, VP of Research & Development, will lead a third keynote session, in which they will reveal new features of Analytics 11 and Analytics Exchange 5 that will provide the following new benefits for users to elevate their approach to data analysis:
- Analysis Apps & Data Visualization – Package analytics into easy to use apps and deliver more powerful messages with data visualization.
- ScriptHub – Accelerate data analysis efforts while augmenting scripting skills by leveraging this valuable library of pre-built analytic tests.
- Results Cloud – Quickly broadcast data analysis discoveries and accomplishments to stakeholders via the cloud for increased collaboration, easier investigation, intuitive interpretation through beautiful data visualizations, and automated remediation.
- Academy – Conveniently access a wide range of online learning resources to help increase your product knowledge and demonstrate practical ways to quickly drive value.
- Immediate enhancements to ACL GRC will extend the benefits of cloud-based audit and compliance management currently available on the iPad® and iPhone® to Android devices, as well as to collaborators who need to work offline. Team members in the field can upload photos and documents or request additional information directly from their mobile devices; business process owners can instantaneously respond to requests; and busy managers can check on their team’s progress, review findings, and instantly view visualized, risk-based reporting on the go.

“We’re extremely excited to offer a preview of our new solutions, which will showcase how they can elevate the value our users bring to their organizations,” said Zitting. “If you are an audit, risk, or compliance professional, ACL Connections is the ultimate convergence of people, technology, and leadership that will undoubtedly educate, entertain, and inspire.”

In addition to receiving hands-on training through various educational sessions, conference attendees will automatically earn 24 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits.

“This year’s conference theme, ‘Join the Revolution,’ speaks to the transformation of how people work and we strive to lead this revolution through education and technology,” said Laurie Schultz, President & CEO of ACL. “Our vision is a business environment where GRC professionals are the most sought after people in their organization and we are relentlessly committed to building technology and delivering services that support that vision.”

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