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Mardi 17 Juillet 2018

A new Blockchain Explorer that supports Segwit transactions

We are proud to announce the launch of our Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer.

It took us a little while to add to the site, but there was a good reason for that. Indeed, when we started to think about this, months ago, we first noticed that there are already plenty of Explorers in place, but very few are able to show the whole Segwit transaction. So with Apirone now in the place, you have another way to see and check the status and transaction history of Segwit addresses starting from bc1 address (Bech32).

Furthermore, for the sake of consistency (simplicity and time-saving at all costs), we have integrated the possibility to scan a QR Code using your webcam. To do this, turn on your webcam, show the QR Code on your phone, smile and all the information will be searched and directly displayed on the screen. All the information concerning the exchange rate or conversion is “on the fly”.

Another neat addition, in the hope of making your navigation more user-friendly, we group incoming and outgoing addresses in a transaction. But if you want to see each coin in detail, you can switch from this mode into the "traditional mode" by clicking onto the "View" button. We will remember your settings and the next time will be displayed based on your personal preferences.

Regarding the Explorer, you can see the network information in real-time, of course. The new blocks are announced with a colourful animation that makes it more fun and pleasant. In addition to this, an advanced view is available, which allows you to see the input and output scripts, more statistics or numerous technical data. Please note that this is not the default view, so you must click on it to enable this functionality. Lastly, for the same purpose of simplicity, we use a single page application on Angular 5. This means that all pages or data you want to view will be downloaded without reloading the page and faster, because only useful information is downloaded.

In a nutshell, our Explorer is not a revolution, strictly speaking, but he is certainly one of the most complete and user-friendly currently. This is the first version, not the last. So, if you have any idea that can make its use even more efficient and enjoyable, feel free to contact us:

All that benefits the community interests us.

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