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17 avril 2013 (Genève) : Extra financial reporting / Integrated reporting with 3 international speakers

17.04.2013 - Conference: Extra financial reporting / Integrated reporting with 3 international speakers.

Dear CSR professional,

On Wednesday, 17th April at 18:30 at the Hotel Warwick Geneva (14 Rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva Switzerland), CSR METRICS Switzerland, in collaboration with CSR Geneva, would like to invite you to attend a conference on the topic:

Extra financial reporting: new trends – South African and European Business case - and opportunities for the Swiss market

More and more companies are producing sustainability reports and even integrated reports due to both market and regulatory forces as its occurring in South Africa and France. If you are interest to know how to measure the many dimensions of performance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability and if you want to understand concrete opportunities to come to the Swiss Market through the experience of the French and South African market please come and join us


- Philippe Peuch-Lestrade is Deputy to the CEO for the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting council) and a Partner at Ernst & Young.

- Jonathon Hanks is founding partner of Incite Sustainability a leading advocacy group and consultancy that is rethinking sustainability to help business do better. Jonathon is also member of the working group to the South African Integrated Reporting Committee. He will present the South african business case

- The European and french business case will be presented by Patrick D’Humières, owner of Institut RSE Management in Paris and Philippe Peuh-Lestrade who will provide concrete credentials concerning the first year of the implementation of the “Grenelle de l’environnement” but also insights concerning European action plan concerning extra financial reporting.

The conference will be held on the 17th 2013 of April at 6:30 p.m., venue Warwick Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.
The conference will be followed by a cocktail and for those interested, by a diner.
Participation fee: 40.- CHF

Organisation: CSR METRICS and CSR Geneva.

Nicolas Gillmann
Owner and founder CSR Metrics Switzerland
Mobile: 00 41 78 893 42 68
4-6, avenue industrielle, 1227 Carouge, Switzerland

CSR Metrics Switzerland - Le conseil en reporting extra-financier

Votre quotidien Finyear est partenaire de cet évènement.

Lundi 15 Avril 2013